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Sendoganturk has been registered Foreign Investor Company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His official registration name is “Emrah Ismail Sendogan & Partner Contracting Co.”. Although Sendoganturk has 6 years official registration, according to the recent permission of local low for foreigner investors, the company established physically in 1990 under local sponsorship.

Sendoganturk has variable number of staff based on the active works in hand and vary from 20 to 300+ persons, in management, back support and on site works.

Sendoganturk has skills and experiences for infrastructural works, for turnkey and manpower supply projects, specialized on water, sewer, electrical, communication, roads, as well as residential, commercial, touristic and infrastructural buildings.

Sendoganturk has great experience on execution of the works in the local conditions of KSA, and providing valuable support for main works which requested by other international companies. Therefore Sendoganturk has also international experience with different cultures and languages as well as the bridge for international and local demands.

Sendoganturk has the Vendor prequalification to work in Aramco and the Vendor number is 10036233 for his official name “Emrah Ismail Sendogan & Partner Contracting Co.”.

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